Road to the Olympics: USA Figure Skating

February 8th will be upon us soon and we are here to help you know the athletes that will be representing the US of A! For our international audience I hope you enjoy getting to know the competition and ew would love to hear from you on your favorite athletes representing your nation.

This past weekend marked the U.S. Figure Skating Championship where men, women, and couples leaped, twisted, and made me dizzy. I am not the most versed in this sport, but I have learned more this year, so don’t be offended by the way I talk about this sport in this post. So, from this past weekend we now have Team USA for figure skating, and what a team we’ve created.

Ice Dance

There will be three pairs representing the United States in this event. Maia & Alex Shibutani¬†have been dominating this year but couldn’t hold onto their national championship status, coming in second at this past weekends championships. It’s so nice to see a couple have something in common that is also their careers…. ew gross, they’re brother in sister you sicko. They will be holding the two spot as they are joined with ice dancing pairs Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue and Madison Chock & Evan Bates. Madison and Evan competed together in the 2014 Olympics, where they took 8th place, so I don’t see them giving the US much hope.

My prediction is the US will take Bronze and fourth in this event. To which competitors I do not know since I don’t actively follow the sport, I just have a feeling about those two spots.

Pairs Team

Now we are only sending one pairs team and these two are actually married. Alexa & Chris Knierim¬†secured this solo spot after having a fantastic season. They were off the ice the previous year since Alexa had abdominal surgery. What a great way to rise up in cuteness. Their low grade website just shows how cute they are… I thought being an Olympian gave you a better web design but I was mistaken.

My prediction is because these two are married they get the Gold. Not only the United States would be upset if this is not the case but all those who believe in love would be too.


Now we are getting into the good stuff because I actually have been semi-paying attention to the individuals in this sport. On the women’s side we have a little controversy, but let me tell you who’s on the team first.

Bradie Tennell took first at Nationals and got the top spot on the females side. She is fresh to the Olympics and has a stellar season. She will be joined by Karen Chen and Mirai Nagasu. You might be familiar with Mirai who competed in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and then again in 2014 in the Olympic Trials where she was replaced by Ashley Wagner.

Wagner has competed in this past weeks events gaining fourth place and not making a spot on Team USA. This is where it gets good. When the scores came in from this past weekend it was clear Ashley was not happy with the judges scores. Since then she has been publicly vocal about her opinion but assures the three ladies that she believes that they deserves their spots on the team but still her score wasn’t fair…

Of course participating in a sport with judges isn’t fair. It’s full of corruption and scandal, but you chose to be a part of it and I believe last time you were in the Olympics you came in fourth but were asked to be on the team. Should’ve played hockey where the only numbers are on the scoreboard and not on a judges card.

Ashley Wagner, you’ve just made the rant of the week.

My prediction for the US female skaters are non will see the podium and Ashley Wagner will become the new Tonya Harding. Who Nancy Kerrigan will be? I cannot say.

The Boys

This category also had some fun shake up because the third and fourth place finishers found themselves on the US squad. Adam Rippon who apparently had a decent season came in fourth but ended up getting spot, sorry Ross Miner. Nathan Chen, not related to Karen Chen, took first at Championships. Third place finished Vincent Zhou luckily made it onto the squad after taking a spill in competition this weekend. Zhou was and is thought to be the only skater who could take on Gold Medal favorite, Nathan Chen, because Zhou takes risk and can make the same big jumps Chen can.

Nathan Chen looking fierce and cocky.

I sure hope Vince can pull this off because I really don’t like Chen’s cocky attitude. I am sorry and I know it’s 2018, but Chen you’re a male figure skater, you’re no Apolo Ohno. Get off your pedestal and get on the podium for a sport that is more of an art.

I am cheering on Vince to take on Chen and claim the Silver. I think North Korea will take first in this event even though I don’t know what their team looks like. Chen will probably be Wagner’s Kerrigan.

There you have it. I just gave you names you could’ve gotten off Google and told you some of my thoughts. Keep checking in this month so you can find out who else is competing for you. Let me know what you think will happen for Team USA when it comes to dancing and leaping on ice in the comments below.