It’s Friday and it’s been way overdue for a rant, which could be a rant within itself. Summer is coming to a close and there is plenty to be said, so get ready for a slew of complaints. Since it is still nice out and the people are frolicking we will start with one that’s been bubbling up inside me for much too long. God damn shitty pedestrians.

Whether I am in the car or walking there are just some people that don’t know how to walk. Let’s get this first piece of advice out of the way. When on the sidewalk stay on the right side! It’s just like driving. Get it, got it, good.

Now let’s get to the heart of the issue folks, the what seems to be difficult to some crosswalk. Here’s the deal, there are some people that hit the button to cross which stops all traffic and turns the lights red and the halt hand switches over to a walking pedestrian. You know how that goes. I’m all for safety, it’s rule number one. What I am not ok with is when you hit the button but go before the walking symbol comes on because traffic is light and there is a gap for you to cross safely. Which then still causes the light to turn red for the driver but they aren’t stopping for anyone to cross safely.

That is some nerve, huh? So start walking smart.