Liverpool for the Layman: A Casual Guide to Liverpool FC

We’re back for the 3rd week with our 2nd to last match of the season. From the time you are reading this Liverpool has a game left in the league. The match vs. the Hammers at the Olympic stadium was a true spectacle and the exact game the fans needed. Not to spoil anything before I get to the match coverage (but sorry this is a complete spoiler) but the score line doesn’t do the victory justice. We saw creative playing, fire, and blissful dominance from Jürgen Klopp’s side. We had a return to form from Daniel Sturridge who managed to net one around the 30’ mark. The sight of the classic Daniel Sturridge Wavy arms was a sight that many people thought was lost on the Liverpool fans. This resurgence of the creative and clever Sturridge will have many fans eating their words and wanting to keep him (myself included). There is nothing to raise morale like a fan favorite proving why they were a favorite to being with. We shall see over the summer is Klopp has faith in Daniel to keep the constantly injured but notable striker in the squad. The first have ended with more possession by Liverpool but ultimately the single goal. Gini Wij brought is to the edge of our seats with a stunning strike from outside the box that was stopped by a fingertip save from the crossbar. The deflection took a nice bounce out and with a couple small passes in the box Coutinho finds the back of the net. The floodgates are now officially open.

Not 5 minutes later Coutinho bangs home another one and the air is sucked from the home supporters. A disappointing season for West Ham is summed up perfectly by getting trounced by an up and down Liverpool team. Origi really screws in the nails and starts the departure of the home fans by smashing home an absolute rocket of a goal from 5ft out (basically a tap in for him but let him have his moment). The game wrap up in what feels like no time and Liverpool fans manage to have a game that does not go down to the wire or require a full clench during the stoppage time period.

With the win in hand Liverpool now take their own Champions League dreams into their own fate. A win on Sunday against Middlesbrough will lock down top 4 and guarantee a spot in the Champions league for the ‘17/’18 season. That game will be played on Sunday at 10am EST. Liverpool will be wearing their next season jerseys so hopefully their can get a winning streak going with those early. With the last game of the season coming next weekend there will be some radio silence from me for a while. I will be back in the summer after that post with some transfer news and rumors for you all. I expect to see you all there on Sunday cheering on the Reds from wherever in the world you are.

P.S. United is out of Top 4 so when they get knocked out of the Europa League final on the 24th we can all cheer again. It was a great weekend to be a Liverpool supporter