Liverpool For The Layman: The Season Ender

As I sit here writing this on Monday morning I am still trying to recover from the joy of yesterday. The emotions I was feeling on Sunday were all over the spectrum. Liverpool was playing their last match of the season at home vs. Middlesbrough. The match started with a great deal of possession but no completion from our boys in Red. They were looking crisp in their home kit for next year, a little previous of what we will look like when we dominate the league. The match was possession heavy for the at home Liverpool side but it wasn’t until stoppage time that Gini slammed home a goal to really ramp up the home crowd. Half time came quickly after which you never want to see when you have momentum. Until that point Everton was choking hard against Arsenal who were poised to take 4th should our game end on a tie. The goal from our boys lit a fire that couldn’t be extinguished by Martin Atkinson’s halftime whistle. The boys came back and ended up netting 2 more goals by the end of the second half.

Liverpool ended the season at home, in their new kit, securing 4th, and guaranteeing a place in the Champions League next year. Arsenal for the first time in recent memory did not finish in the top 4 and have lost their seemingly yearly ticket to the highest stage of European football. After the hot start out of the gates it looked like an oncoming train would be the only thing with enough power to derail Liverpool. The beginning of 2017 and Mane playing in the AFCON tournament was that train coming down the tracks. The shaky start to the year had many writing off our hopes of winning the league and highly questioning the search for top 4. Liverpool steadied the ship and continued their course but in classic Liverpool fashion they threw games against lower table opposition and took it until the last game to secure their spot in the Champion’s league. An absolute rollercoaster of a season ended on a high note and Klopp’s first full season has come to an end. Liverpool will play over the summer in Australia and in the Audi Cup, a series of preseason friendlies in Germany. Klopp and reporters have noted they have the funds to spend this summer and with that war chest and promise of European football Liverpool should see and influx of great talent this summer. For now my weekly articles have come to an end. I will be back periodically over the summer to talk about transfers but I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read these articles. I hope you have been enjoying them all.
I leave you with a link to summarize the Liverpool season, as posted on the /r/LiverpoolFC subreddit by /u/-_-_-_-otalp-_-_-_- feat. /u/Huge_Hog and /u/Takuno. (Probably should warn this is loud with quick transitions, not sure if that induces seizures or not but be warned. Also if you are allergic to memes I would stay away.)