Liverpool for the Layman: A Casual Guide to Liverpool FC and Premier League Football

A new column here on Beerspit, Liverpool for the Layman is a recap of the Liverpool game of the week as well as touching upon the other Premier league matches. This week Liverpool played Watford away Monday May 1st at 3pm EST. With the lineup set we saw the return of Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana on the bench. Unsure of their fitness levels we expected to see the two of them as potential impact subs in the later parts of the match.

The first 10 minutes proved shaky for Liverpool as an early injury to Phil Coutinho forced an early exit from the game. He was replaced by Adam Lallana who kept Coutinho’s position out wide. Lallana did not look like he was recovering at all and was making clean passes and good runs. Along with Firmino the two of them were making the Watford defense work for their dinners. A cross into the box with no one making a run showed some signs of rust from the Liverpool team. Watford made a Center Back change early with Christina Kabasele replacing an injured Miguel Britos. Liverpool needed to take advantage of the second choice defenseman and really work him. Following that substitution in the 19’ Emre Can really started to show signs of class. He was making intelligent passes and really proving his worth. His early season had been riddled with doubt about his quality but his latest run of form is enough to really put down to the haters. His contract is still being sorted out but this current form should help push a new contract through the works.

Origi needed this game to prove his worth, but had not shown up so far. He was losing the ball and overall had a minimal impact on the offense. He was being bodied off the ball which should not be happening for a lad of his size. Emre had a nearly costly blunder on defense which has still been a mar on his playing even with his recent uptick in form. Lallana while preferring to play centrally was still playing in the position of Coutinho due to the current lack of fir strikers on the Liverpool bench. Adam Lallana proves that he his back with a stunning shot from outside the boss that rattles the crossbar. A couple of inches lower and he would have had a highlight reel goal. Emre Can knocks the first point of the game with an absolute world class goal. A short cross to the front of the 18 yard box gave Emre the position to try, and succeed, with an over the head scissor kick perfectly placed into the top left of the net. The Watford Keeper, Gomes, could do nothing but watch as the ball burned a hole in the back of the net. The patented Emre Can knee slide celly was in full effect. The goal game in stoppage time and halftime came shortly afterwards. The start of the second half gave us another look at a sluggish Origi, although he managed to get a key shot on goal that was saved by Gomes. Mignolet was having a quiet game but proved his class in the 83’ by stopping an unexpected shot from Watford’s Darly Janmaat. While off balance Mignolet managed to make a great save. In the 84’ Origi is subbed off by Danial Sturridge. Sturridge shows some of this old class by fending off several defenders and working his way towards the end where he ultimately missed. The showing was good and helped to make the case for a healthy Danial Sturridge. In classic Liverpool fashion they had to risk it towards the end and allow Watford to take a ringing shot in the 94’ the ended up smashing the woodwork. Liverpool clear the ball out and take the whistle to put them at 69 points in the Premier League finishing the last game of the week at 3rd being 4 points clear of United at 5th. This weekend Liverpool are set to take on Southhampton on Sunday at 8:30am EST.

We see the end of Premier League week with top 6 looking as follows:

  1. Chelsea 81 pts
  2. Tottenham 77pts
  3. Liverpool 69 pts
  4. Manchester City 66 pts
  5. Manchester United 65 pts
  6. Arsenal 60 pts

United tied Swansea. Chelsea smashed Everton. City tied Middlesborough. And Tottenham bear Arsenal in the North London Derby. What a great week to be a Liverpool fan.

At the time of this article word going around is that Coutinho is not severely injured and suffered a hard dead leg early on. He is not expected to miss any time and should be suited up for the game on Sunday. With Lallana playing a full game today it would be hard to expect a full game from him on Sunday. Should he practice well all week we would expect the see a lineup this Sunday of Mignolet – Clyne, Matip, Lovern, Milner – Wijnaldum, Can, Lallana, – Firmino, Origi, Coutinho. The only change is to have Lucas on the bench with Lallana filling in for the midfield. Wij could also be removed for Lucas to get a more defensive minded playing into the starting XI.