Liverpool For The Layman: A Casual Guide To Liverpool FC And Premier League Football

This week in the Premier League Liverpool played the Southhampton Saints, who were far from that. Now I will tell you all at the start that this game ended in a tie, a 0-0, very Liverpool-eque tie. This game was so incredibly frustrating I don’t want to really talk about it, but for you all, I will. Now here are the spark notes so I don’t have to pain myself to remembering every sad detail from the game. Southhampton didn’t record a single shot on goal for the entire game. They had 4 shots total to the Liverpool 17. That should give you an idea of how this game went. Liverpool also maintained the Lion’s share of possession, for all the good that did them. They could not manage the get through the bus that the Saints parked in front of their net. Divock Origi was no where to be seen all game and the fans were curious about his start. Daniel Sturridge came on for his 2nd game in a row as a sub and provided a needed burst of energy and flair. While his impact didn’t have a direct translation into a goal it was a good sign from a player that has not had much of an impact in a Red shirt this season. While the injury record of Danial Sturridge should warrant an article on it’s own I would like to say that I am pro-Sturridge. I think he has to in him to become an elite striker again, and I hope Klopp is seeing that in him as well. I would understand if Klopp unloaded him this summer but would be pretty disappointed. I have digressed from the game, and I am really not concerned. There was not much else to talk about that game. Milner unfortunately didn’t connect on a penalty but he cannot be blamed. His rocket to the lower left of the net was stopped by the human giant Frazer Foster. Milner was mister automatic up until this point in the season so it was a surprise to see the miss but it was a good shot stopped by a better save.

Looking forward in the season we have 2 games left. Top 4 is still fully within our grasp, surprisingly… The soccer gods want us to do this, and we cannot capitalize. If we win the last two games we have the Top 4 position locked down, with no need to pray for other teams results. The final games are against West Ham and Middlesbrough so with any streak of talent we should lock it down, but remember this is Liverpool and we are going to have to rely on a 90’ header from Lovern to solidify our place in the upper echelon of European football next year.

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