Liverpool for the Layman: A Casual Guide to Liverpool FC (9/10/2017)

Before I get the review of the Manchester City game I will touch upon a few updates from the week. Philippe Coutinho did not play on Saturday but is back to practicing with the squad. His decision to not be in the game Saturday was an agreement between Jurgen Klopp and Phil. They agreed that he needed more time to practice with the heal and to make sure that his back in fully recovered. Now, he played and scored for Brazil, so its seems from the outside that they need to reintegrate him and not so much heal him up. Should be good to go for Sevilla this Wednesday, assuming he is back in the good graces of Klopp.

Liverpool played this morning at 730am EST. A game that if you did wake up for it, I am sorry. It was all going well for Liverpool away at the Etihad. We were looking good, having a solid performance for the majority of the first half. In the 37th minute Gini Wijnaldum put a forward ball towards the top of the penalty box for Mane to go get. Ederson, the City goalkeeper, ran out to play the ball away from Mane. Mane in his attempt to get the ball went in with a high boot and kicked Ederson in the face.

Mane was shown a red card for the challenge and Liverpool played the remaining minutes down a man away in Manchester. Ederson could not finish he match and is being evaluated for a facial fracture. Liverpool went on to lose that game 5 – 0, a very depressing morning indeed. Sadio Mane will be given a three match ban for the straight red meaning that Liverpool will lose their star attacker for the premier league matches vs. Burnley and Leicester as well as for the League Cup match vs. Leicester. Mane will be allowed to play in the European Champions League game on Wednesday as the red card came from a domestic competition. The only saving grace from the game was that it was a quick ride home for the boys. Liverpool will be back Wednesday night, playing in Anfield vs. Sevilla in the group stages of the Champion’s league.