Liverpool for the Layman: A Casual Guide to Liverpool FC (8/25/17)

Hope you’re all having a good a week as I am! A couple quick points to touch upon before we start. First for those who read the post last week I touched upon the new pitch, it looks amazing! There are no updates regarding Coutinho either. The latest report was that Barca was making a final push, after assigning a final ultimatum, after giving their previously final offer. Coutinho is not practicing with his back injury so we shall see if that heals by the power of the Pope after the transfer window closes.

To the game the past weekend, Liverpool had their home opener vs. Crystal Palace. Now surprisingly Benteke did not score against us, as is tradition. Robertson put in a good shift, a promising start for our potential starting left back. Mane had the single goal of the game to lock Liverpool in for the first W of the Premier League campaign.

Onto the best shit of the week, the Champion’s League playoff. Now Liverpool played Hoffenheim Wednesday at home. This game was beautiful from start to finish. Now we didn’t get a clean sheet, but we never need to. Liverpool hammered class goals against Hoffenheim winning 4-2 (6-3 on aggregate). Firmino had an amazing game linking beautiful plays in the offense. Mane was making a ton of wild backheel passes, and you know what, he crushed it. Salah was running around their defense and even Moreno was making plays. The team played offense on a level that could compete with any team in Europe. The defensive woes were the same as they had been. We looked leaky against a Hoffenheim team that were not European giants. If we do not improve the defense we will need to be scoring 5+ goals a game to make up for the fact that we will let in every shot on net.

Liverpool's third goal vs. Hoffenheim in slow motion

Now the round of 32 draw was done today with Liverpool pulling a highly favorable grouping. We will be playing Sevilla, our nemesis from the 2016 Europa League Final, Spartak Moscow, and Maribor. I don’t forsee a situation where we don’t advance to the round of 16. Liverpool are ranked higher than Sevilla but we shall see what happens out on the pitch, our last matchup with them did not go as planned.

A great week of Liverpool football and news is seeing us into what is shaping up to be a great weekend. Liverpool will be playing another home match vs. Arsenal. The game will be played at 11am EST. Good luck to the reds and I hope to see you all back here after the Arsenal match. Stay tuned for more great Liverpool news and highlights!

Source: Reddit User DeezNutsGOTEMAGAIN