Liverpool for the Layman – A Casual Guide to Liverpool FC (8/17/2017)

WE ARE BACK! Welcome everyone to another season of premier league football and for us lucky Liverpool fans the Champion’s League! We have started off the season away at Watford. For those of you who do not know I am writing from Boston and as such the game was on at 7:30 am for me. Now I had every attention to watch the game live, but the previous night spilled into the morning and I happened to wake up with 10m left in that game. Now what I saw was Liverpool up 3-2 in the 80th minute. In classic Liverpool fashion they had to rip my heart out within the first couple minutes of having my eyes open. Liverpool ended up tying the game 3-3, an unfortunate result after (what I heard and read) was an unfortunate game. I was lucky for two reasons, I missed a shit game, and I had already started drinking again.

Now the first week back gave us a high note, a return to the Champion’s League, sorta. The playoff round to get into the Champion’s League has us going to Germany, with an away match against Hoffenheim. This was the club that we have purchased Firmino from, a little return home for him. Now Hoffenheim lost several key players during the summer and this proved to be a game that favored Liverpool, which knowing our record against allegedly weaker opponents should have made us all very nervous. Liverpool started the game sloppy but were redeemed by an absolute wonder goal from 18 year old Trent Alexander-Arnold. TAA proved his worth filling in at right back for injured Nathanial Clyne. The game continued with the single goal lead until late in the 2nd half when James Milner, who came on as a midfield substitute for Jordan Henderson scored a cross box goal that took everyone, maybe even himself by surprise. Now a 2 goal lead should be good for most teams, but no, we had to give up a lead goal to Hoffenheim which was a result of a defensive collapse which allowed them to get in the middle of our defense. TAA pulled up when he shouldn’t have and pleaded an offside that wasn’t called. A mistake of youth that an experienced player likely would have not made. Up until that point he had been playing a great game so overall he still put on a great show. Liverpool ended the game after a long stoppage time which resulted in a close header by Hoffenheim that ultimately ended up over the bar. Liverpool will face Hoffenheim at home in Anfield next Wednesday. This game should seal the Liverpool road the Champion’s League, barring a massive and catastrophic collapse.


New field ready for the first home game.

On the transfer front there is little news to report. As I am sure most of you have read Liverpool star Phillipe Coutinho had put in a transfer request the day before the Watford match. This was rejected by Liverpool and they are adamant he is not for sale. Barcelona has not come back with a higher bid as of yet so for the time being we are in a holding pattern unsure of what will become of the midfielder. Coutinho is still out with a back injury and the timetable for return is unknown.

James Pearce confident Coutinho will be staying with us.

Liverpool are set to take on Crystal Palace at home this Saturday with the first game at Anfield of the year. The new pitch is looking pristine and ready for the Reds run kilometers around the opposition. Sturridge is said to be fit for the game which is a great sign for the team. He is not going to be playing a full game but expect him to come on in the 2nd half should we need a bit of additional fire power to put the game away.

As always I look forward to writing for you all and let’s have an amazing season and win the treble. Go Reds!