The Story

It was probably a Friday night, could’ve of been a Thursday, or during Sunday night wrestling match, it doesn’t really matter. Founders of BeerSpit, Brian and Ryan were talking about blogging. Ryan mentioned he had an idea for a blog, Brian said he wanted to get back into blogging and web design. The name BeerSpit was brought up and tested amongst the friend group and was received with positive reviews.

Enough of third person. Some of our friends started to get real interested and said they’d help out with designs and contributing post. We started thinking we might have something, so we created a google account to exchange ideas and start writing content since we didn’t want to start a blog with one post. We wanted to launch with at least a full week of content to our growing fanbase would get a sense of our schedule and themes. Then the domain was purchased a week after that. So then we definitely had to commit with money in the game.

As we plug along in our first year we have been discovering what works and what doesn’t. What we know and have always known is that we will always have fresh content, great culture, served daily.