Hefner goes at 91

Well, you probably thought this already happened but last night Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, died at age 91. I never really cared for the man but I know our grandfathers and fathers relied on his interviews and articles to become learned men.

Hugh had a huge part in the 60’s sexual revolution, most at the time observing him as the leader of it. I believe that important revolution brought us to an era of sexualization that has slowly corrupted us as humans to become worse as a people, but that is for another post. If you want to learn about the life go read an obituary from a newspaper like The New York Times.

I was never into Playboy, for me there were far better options for reading, but Playboy did help those avenues come to being. The only thing he ever did for me was The Girl Next Door. I watched the first couple of seasons with my neighbors growing up, but that interest also faded quick. The next time I gave Hugh the time of day was when his mansion went up for sale. Of course it interest me. Then I saw the part where he lived there until he died… What the heck man, that’s a deal breaker. You already look like the Crypt Keeper from Tales From the Crypt and now I got to be the one that not only buys your house but also has to come upon you dead on the toilet taking a shit? Someone else can have that job. Also, I don’t think he died on the toilet.


Sorry to hear that a soul that meant a lot to so many has left this world. RIP Hugh.