Fantasy Diaries – Week 4

I had to skip out last few weeks due to personal reasons but I am back with a triple week feature and man it’s been a great run.

Wow! What a great first four weeks. There has been success, failure, and surprises for damn sure. I had a blast the past few weeks. Due to the Florida teams not playing I had to make some quick changes to my team week one, including a quick add drop to one of my teams an hour before kickoff. Week two I saw didn’t change much just a couple add drops maybe. Week three brought solidary to my rosters.

ESPN League

So in my ESPN league my team name is Cripple Creek Desperados. Week one was a nail biter weekend for this team since I have a good roster of RB’s I decided not to play Kareem Hunt who ended up scoring 39 points, no big deal huh? Thought my roster could make up the rest. Except I didn’t prevail losing 71-78. Woof.

Week 2 was better. I was more familiar with my team and matchups. I was playing my former roommate and best boy Benny D. He works in the woods and can’t check his roster. He had a nice full healthy roster but I still didn’t feel completely fulfilled taking my first victory. I ended up taking the W, 85-69 (haha).

Now in Week 3 I had a slow climb in points. Austin Hooper has been a big disappointment. I love my Patriots, but damn the Falcons are a pretty sick team lately. Shout out to my buddy Antonio of Dirtyy Boys who has been a big fan since his youth. I’ll be looking for a new stud TE going into week 4. But, Tom eventually pulled out big numbers along with Hunt and Chris Thompson giving me a solid win a bigger numbers. I went 117-45. Damn shame for the losing guy.

Yahoo League

Week 1 was grand. I had Kareem Hunt in this league and had him on my roster. I also led the league in scoring but only winning by 1.12 points. I took the W 108.05-106.93. Damn damn damn.

Week 2 was another great week. Close game until the end of Monday night. Wowzer. Kareem stayed strong along with some other descents scores. Sunday morning I made a last minute decision to take out Matt Ryan and put in Derek Carr, which ended up being the right decision. Carr scoring 22.6 while Ryan only got 11.57. Man, I am good. I ended up being the second highest scorer in the league but stayed on top as highest scorer of the season. W 109.54-101.97

Week 3 brought great sadness with my first loss in this league. Matt Ryan didn’t produce along with some other players. In a 14 person league your really have to play with some garbage and there is no one worth it on the waiver wire unless you can predict the future and snag an outlier. I lost 106.15-114.89.

Week 4


Now let’s get into more depth since exiting week 4 I have some work to do.

In my ESPN league things are looking good, I took down the league leader in a 100-92 victory. I was down going into Monday night but Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill got my a combined 15 to surpass the leader and tie him for a 3-1 season total. Two other teams also are 3-1 so things are going to get trashy. Though I broke 100 I am relying on a few players to get me there. It isn’t a year for a consistent TE, so there isn’t anyone worth grabbing. My WR game needs to be elevated, so that’s the goal this week in this league is to get a stud WR and maybe GRONK!

Though I am feeling comfortable in my ESPN league my Yahoo one is becoming a bit of a sweat jerker. The last two weeks I’ve taken a L, this week I broke my closest game record taking the big L 83.61-83.92. WTF that’s horseshit. Kareem Hunt was my Monday night player and he just needed 9 simple points, it should’ve been no problem for him. Oh well, it has put me to 2-2 and in sixth place.

Week 5 Prep

So now is the question, what do I do so I don’t go on a downward spiral to a negative ratio. In my Yahoo league I had to take steps in dropping Derek Carr, picking up Jacoby Brissett to replace Matt Ryan for week 5. That waiver won’t go through until tomorrow, but it should be secure. I should be able to retrieve Carr back after the week, God have mercy on whoevers soul if Carr is taken. Now, I need to strengthen areas. I’m trying to get Gronk but the owner isn’t active in the league. Fuck em. So now I need to figure something else out.

In my ESPN league I’m looking for a strong WR. I’ve been hit with injuries in this league but blessed with RB’s. So even though I like them I can part with one for something big. Let’s see what happens before Thursday and you will be the first to know.

Good luck this week in protecting what is rightfully yours.