Fantasy Diaries: Week 1 Prelude

Today is finally here fans! Week 1 Fantasy Football where the road to The Sacko begins. We have done our drafts, some of us were lucky and others not so. Some clearly know their football and did their research while others went upon names like Manning and last years stats. Hopefully you chose the right Murray. I’m not here to give you advice, there’s plenty of that on the internet and professional medias, no matter how garbage they are. No, I am here to just jot down my diary of Fantasy Football 2017. Read it or don’t, I don’t really give a rats ass, but you will be missing out on some quality stuff if you don’t read.

I’m no pro or veteran. I did my first years of fantasy with my dad and his friends in middle school where the interest fizzled out once high school hit. I got back into it a few years ago on a regular basis with some friends from camp and now it’s become the norm for us during the season, and last year I started playing in two leagues. One on ESPN and the other on Yahoo. This year I am in the same camp ESPN league but I ditched my old Yahoo league for a new one.

The Yahoo league I joined this year is going to be a tricky one. It is full of veterans, the league I believe is 15 years old. It’s double interesting because it’s a Keeper League, so I inherited a team and got to keep three players from last year before the draft. I’ll get more into that when I give my rosters below. I also needed to do some research in defensive players instead of just teams since it’s a 14 person league with 19 players, 5 being defensive players which I’ve never had to worry about.

So here’s what I ended up with.

My ESPN league is a ten person league with 16 players each, here’s my roster:

QB – Tom Brady

RB – LeSean McCoy

RB – DeMarco Murray

WR – Allen Robinson

WR – Tyreek Hill

TE – Martellus Bennett

FLEX – Terrelle Pryor Sr., WR

D – Houston Texans

K – Stephen Gostkowski

Bench – Kareem Hunt, RB

Bench – Jordan Matthews, WR

Bench – Darren Sproles, RB

Bench – Austin Hooper, TE

Bench – Zay Jones, WR

Bench – Chris Thompson, RB

Bench – Philip Rivers, QB

Yeah, I know I did good. Except, I don’t know why in a 10 person league I picked Darren Sproles? Oh well, easy drop for a waiver pick before week 2.

I really like ESPN’s format so far. I haven’t been too heavy in the commissioner realm or really caring about the nitty gritty details of points but they make drafting really simple, the app is simple, everything is simple and clean. Maybe in a few years I will see the advantages of a different platform but right now ESPN is my favorite choice.

Now onto my Yahoo roster:

QB – Matt Ryan

WR – Mike Evans

WR – Rishard Matthews

WR- Mike Wallace

RB – Kareem Hunt

RB – Frank Gore

TE – Martellus Bennett

K – Dan Bailey

D – Kwon Alexander, LB

DB – Barry Curch, S

DB – Eric Weddle, S

LB – Bobby Wagner

LB – K.J. Wright

Bench – Derek Carr, QB

Bench – Danny Amendola, WR

Bench – Latavius Murray, RB

Bench – Dwayne Allen, TE

Bench – Kam Chancellor, S

Bench – Brandon Marshall, LB

Now I wasn’t too happy with this draft. Yahoo has a terrible draft format and I couldn’t find the draft button the first round and the warning sound for my turn in the draft round was inconsistent so I missed a mid-round pick as well. It also didn’t pull from my queue when that happened, which was really irritating. Overall, I still feel pretty confident in this team week one.

When I inherited this team I kept three players, Derek Carr, Mike Evans, and Kwon Alexander. I was happy with these keeps. Mike Evans and Kwon Alexander will be valuable to my team and Derek Carr will prove to be a valuable trade or replacement for Matt Ryan and I can trade his ass.

Luckily, I can avoid the Florida games on both of my teams. My thoughts and prayers are still with Texas and continuing with Florida as well as those outside of the United States being affected by these damn storms. Yes, there were some crazy storms in humans past, but we need to wake up to the change. It’s too frequent. There’s my tagent for this diary entry.

Please let me know what you think of my teams and what moves you think I should make. Also let us know what you think about fantasy platforms, whether it be about ESPN, Yahoo, or any other platform. Can’t wait to hear about your outcomes from week 1.