Clashing and Raging with Clash Royale: Cycling Your Way Into The Legendary Arena

On this week’s episode of the BeerSpit Clash Royale Card Discussion, I will be talking about the high-pitched voice, Mr. T looking Hog Rider.  Lately, I have been facing more Hog cycle decks than any other deck out there.  I have counters to the Hog in my deck, but even when I use them he still manages to get a hit or two off (so I guess they aren’t the best counters if you want to even consider them counters).  Usually I just toss down a Musket and Bomber or Dart Goblin for a negative trade but that’s the best I can do with the deck I use. Like the Elite Barbarians, when I face a cycle deck, I face another four or five of them in a row.  Occasionally when that happens I’ll stupidly toss in the Skarmy as if no one uses the hog log combo LOL.  When I use the Minion Horde against the Hog, 99% of the time it either gets arrowed or fireballed allowing the Hog to yet again get another hit or two or ten if they nail the prediction arrows/fireball.  The Tombstone has been my latest counter to the Hog, but of course with my luck AKA my lack of skill, the skeletons that spawn after the Hog destroys the Tombstone don’t reach the Hog until he gets to the tower…so that’s fun.  A good counter to him is the Inferno Tower.  The Inferno Tower melts the Hog in seconds if untouched or at least gets him low enough that the tower can do the rest of the damage, unless the opponent has a zap in there to reset the Inferno then you might as well say farewell to that tower since you basically just wasted five elixir.  I’m not a building user myself, so I can’t distract the Hog away from my tower so I have some trouble facing these decks.  The biggest problem when facing them is that they cycle SO FAST that some players are able to throw a Hog down, play some one elixir skeletons and some fire spirits and whatever other one-two elixir cards they have and throw down the Hog AGAIN before you even play another two cards, not allowing you to counter that second Hog. For instance, my deck is an average of 3.5 so when I throw down my Minion Horde against him, they can easily get back to the Hog before I can get back to my Horde.

One of the most effective combos with the Hog Rider is the Hog Freeze.  If it is unexpected the Hog can absolutely obliterate a tower.  I personally want to throw my phone into the Pacific when someone uses the Hog Freeze on me because I usually have to use most of my elixir to counter the Hog and when my troops get frozen it just makes me give up on life.  In some situations, if someone Hog Freezes me they use up nine elixir so if my cards are lined up I sometimes make a strong push and throw down my knight-loon-rage and see what happens there.

Not to be mean, but the Hog Rider IMO takes zero skill.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of cards that don’t take skill (looking at you, Royal Giant, X-Bow, and Elite Barbs).  You just toss him literally anywhere on the arena and he will somehow manage to get to your tower even if your deck is all buildings, which I have seen and it never works so I don’t suggest doing that.    

The Hog does insane damage at tournament standard.  264 damage each hit with 1408 HP and a hit speed of 1.5 seconds.  That’s only tournament standard so his numbers just go up even more at higher levels, breaking the 300 damage mark at ONLY level 9 out of 11 levels.  At his top level, he has a massive 2048 HP and does a whopping 384 damage.  Fortunately I am not at a high enough trophy count to face a level 11 Hog, but for those who do I am sorry. Come on down to the low 3000’s for level 7-8 Hogs instead.  It is the meta as of today, May 21, 2017 and is seen all over arenas ten and eleven and possibly even lower arenas (?) Are you a Hog player?  Do you think he requires skill and completely disagree with everything I’ve said?  Let me know whatever is on your mind when you read this in the comments! Also let me know if you’re in arena 8 or 9 and see Hog cycle decks as much as I do!  Thanks for reading and remember to check out other posts on the website if you’re interested in wrestling, football, futbol, or any of my earlier posts!