Crash Course Wrestling Column Week of 9/25/2017

We are 24 hours removed from No Mercy, “a Wrestlemania caliber Pay-Per-View.” Micheal Cole’s words not mine. How did Raw follow up the victories, loses, and storylines coming out of the big show? With Hell in a Cell only two weeks away, how is Smackdown Live going to bring the hype leading toward their exclusive Pay-Per-View? Will Shane McMahon jump off things? Lets get to it.


Monday Night Raw = Skippable

The Monday Night Raw after a Pay-Per-View usually brings us big surprises, new storylines, or some serious storyline development toward the next big show. However, this Raw kind of dragged. There were some good elements to it, which we will cover here, but for the most part it fell flat.

The show opens with Miz TV, special guest Roman Reigns. Some people were expecting some big announcements, but all this segment brought us was a lame tag team match and Roman Reigns vs. The Miz in a non-title match later tonight. The lame tag team match was Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan vs. The Miztourage. Jeff Hardy is out with an injured shoulder hence the replacement partner. Jordan and Hardy win.

Braun Strowman shows up multiple during this show, but the first appearance was when Curt Hawkins call out any superstars who wanted to make history by being the pinfall that ended his losing streak. Strowman answered the call and killed Hawkins by Chokeslamming him through a table and then giving him a Running Powerslam through the LED lights on the entrance ramp. WWE is not hold back when making Braun look like an absolute monster.


In classic Braun fashion, he requests more challenging competition. Dean Ambrose, the lunatic (fitting), answers the call. Ambrose puts up a good fight here and even hits Braun with a Tornado DDT on the floor. Despite Dean’s efforts, Strowman plants him with a running powerslam for the pinfall victory.

This later leads to a confrontation between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose when Rollins accuses Dean of being bad at communication as a tag team partner. Dean apologizes and Rollins announces that he has requested a match with Strowman next week. We are starting to get another layer of this 2/3rds of the Shield Tag Team storyline.

In the Miz versus Roma nReigns match, Roman picked up a victory over the Miz with a spear. After the match Miz and The Miztourage beat down on Roman Reigns with repeated chair shots. With Roman picking up a win here, it looks like we will get Miz versus Roman Reigns in a Chairs Match for the Intercontinental Championship at the TLC Pay-Per-View.

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The 10 o’clock spot saw Alexa Bliss come out to brag about beating four other women at No Mercy. In her defense, that was really impressive. On Raw Talk, after No Mercy, Bliss bad mouthed Mickie James for being an “old women.” Her words not mine. These words came back to bite Bliss as Mickie came out to confront her in the ring. Alexa repeats these words to Mickie and Mickie clocks her with two slaps and a Mick Kick to the outside of the ring. IT looks like we have a new rivalry brewing between these two. If WWE goes the teacher versus students type route, I am good with this.

The main event segment was a celebration of Enzo’s Cruiserweight Championship win last night at No Mercy. At first this seemed like a strange main even for Raw, but it started a very interesting storyline. Enzo had asked Kurt Angle earlier in the night to create a “No Contact” clause for his celebration, that way no one would ruin it for him. Enzo comes out for his celebration and runs his mouth in a very heel like fashion. Neville and the entire Cruiserweight Division come out to the ramp. Neville doesn’t care about the “No Contact” clause and kicks Enzo in the mouth. After Raw went off the air, the entire Crusierweight Division and r Strowman beat down on Enzo.


Smackdown Live = Skippable

With only two weeks away from the Smackdown exclusive Pay-Per-View Hell in a Cell, this Smackdown was quite the snoozefest leading toward the next big show. That being said, we did get some slight movement in storylines along with a new match added to Hell in a Cell. Lets get to it.

The show opens with Kevin Owens reiterating that he hates Shane McMahon, but respects Vince McMahon. Sami Zayn comes out and tells Kevin that he has lost his mind. Daniel Bryan comes out to announce that the main event tonight will be Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn. Not that a I don;t think these guys put on spectacular matches, but haven’t we seen this dozens of times? I thought this was supposed to end at Battleground 2016. /complaint

The 9 o’clock spot saw a National Celebration known as RUSEV DAY. I am appalled this isn’t recognized by the workforce as a holiday. Aiden ENglish was the MC of this celebration and even wrote Rusev a special song. Rusev was then awarded with the golden key to Bulgaria. They must have some huge ass locks in Bulgaria because this was a huge ass key.

Randy Orton came out and ruined this celebration with an RKO out of nowhere on both Rusev and Aiden English. As I mentioned last week, if this goofy Rusev gimmick continues, I’m on board.

It was also announced tonight that The New Day vs. The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships will now take place inside Hell in a Cell. This is great news and a match you should be looking forward too based on how these teams have been performing.

In between the 9 and 10 o’clock spot, The Undertaker’s music hit. This crowd was not fooled, however, as they sniffed out Dolph Ziggler quickly. Dolph did his regular promo saying the crowd is a bunch of sheep for theme songs and gimmicks. GLORIOUSSSSS hits the tron and out comes Bobby Roode. Roode is everything that this new Ziggler hates, which means they will have a match at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.

The main event was Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn part infinity? These two, of course, had a great match. We see an all to familiar powerbomb on the apron to Sami Zayn and the ref has to stop the match. Kevin doesn’t care if Sami can’t compete and he continues to beat on Zayn. Owens wraps a chair around Sami Zayn and is about to throw him into the ring post just like he did to Chris Jericho months ago. Shane McMahon comes out and Owens tosses the chair wrapped body of Zayn into Shane McMahon as Kevin Owens retreats into the crowd.