Crash Course Wrestling Column Week of 10/9/2017

Hell in a Cell 2017 is behind us and although Shane McMahon is most likely still feeling affects, it is time to look forward toward the Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. What will the red brand bring for hype with only 2 weeks until the big show? How will the blue brand handle the rekindled friendship of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens from Hell in a Cell? Lets get to it.

Monday Night Raw = Watchable

Monday Night Raw starts off red hot with Miz TV and specials guests The Bar. This isn’t just any run of the mill Miz TV, this is THE MIZZYS PART 2. Highly anticipated and it highly delivered. Miz gives out awards to Curtis Axel, The Bar, and of course himself. He talks smack about The Shield which prompts Roman Reigns to come out. He confrims that the rumors are true and the Shield is, in fact, reuniting. Dean’s music hits, followed by Seth’s music and the newly formed Shield hit the ring and take out The Miz, The Bar, and Curtis Axel. The segment concludes with Miz receiving a Triple Powerbomb courtesy of The Shield.

It is announced later in the show by Kurt Angle that the main event of TLC will be The Shield vs. The Miz and The Bar in a Six Man Tag Team TLC Match. If you think that match is fantastic, sit tight because something else is added to it later tonight. More on that in a bit.

At the 9 o’clock spot Enzo Amore comes out to chirp Kurt Angle about his poor decisions last week to let KAlisto beat him up. Enzo continues to complain by saying that it is unfair that Kalisto has a WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at TLC for doing nothing so far on 205 Live. Kurt Angle comes out and agrees that the match at TLC is silly and instead books the Cruiserweight Championship match tonight. We then get a game of one-upsmenship when Enzo agrees, but demands it be in the main event spot. Angle agrees and on top of that makes it a Lumberjack Match.

Braun Strowman took on Matt Hardy tonight where many wondered if Braun Strowman would finally be the one to break Matt Hardy. We got something different, but equally as fun. After Braun crushed Matt Hardy, he carried him on his shoulder in hopes of sacrificing him I assume. The SHIELD comes out and stops Strowman from doing this by beating him down, hitting him with a spear, and Triple Powerbombing him through the announce table.

We find out later that the main event at TLC has been changed to a 4 on 3 Handicapped TLC match. Kurt asks Miz who his new partner is and Braun comes busting through the door. Strowman breathes heavily in Kurt’s face which, I guess, makes this new partner official.

The 10 o’clock spot was reserved for Bray Wyatt to tell us if Sister Abigail was real or not. Finn comes out to cut a promo on Bray only to be interrupted by Wyatt and Sister Abigail? Bray first does his monologue and then transforms into Sister Abigail and his voice is distorted. This segment got some serious mixed reviews, I can’t make heads or tails of it, but maybe you can?

Before the main event we get a segment from the women as they argue about who will face Asuka at TLC. Bayley, Sasha, Emma, Dana Brooke, and Alicia Fox all claim they have legitimate reasons to be Asuka’s first opponent on the main roster. Maybe that argument would carry more weight if Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke weren’t in the mix. Anyway, Kurt Angle announces a Fatal Five Way Match tonight with the winner facing Asuka at TLC.

Kurt Angle failed to mention that this was a Fatal Five Way Elimination match so the commentators never got the memo. Bayley hits a Bayley to Belly early in the match and pins Dana Brooke. Cole claims that Bayley is the winner, but quickly recovers by saying he got his wires crossed and this is actually an elimination match. The match comes down to Sasha Banks and Emma. In a major upset, Emma rolls up Sasha for the pinfall victory. This makes Emma, Asuka’s first main roster opponent. This makes sense for a couple reasons, Emma and Asuka have had a good match before in NXT, and Asuka can get a win over Emma without it affecting Emma’s current position.

As mentioned at the 9 o’clock spot, the main event saw Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto for the WWE Crusierweight Championship in a Lumberjack Match. Say what you will about Kalisto, but he gets a good match out of a lot of guys. Ryback and Baron Corbin are two prime examples. I haven’t heard the crowd this electric for a Crusierweight match since the division’s inception. They do a superplex spot into the entire division from the top rope to the floor which looked fantastic. Kalisto hit a second rope Salida Del Sol to score the pinfall victory and become the NEW WWE Cruiserweight champion. Where does the crusierweight division go from here? That’s a question for 205 Live tomorrow night.


Smackdown Live = Watchable (if you have time)

This Smackdown Live had a lot of hype coming off a hot finish to Hell in a Cell and the rekindled friendship between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. This was a good show with some interesting segments and no Jinder which speaks volumes about the WWE Championship picture.

The show starts off with a show of respect between The New Day and The Usos. They are interrupted by The Hype Bros, Fashion Police, Benajmin & Gable, and The Ascension. Breezango make a joke that the Ascension won’t stop following them. All four of these teams are claiming they want to be next line for the The Usos’ Smackdown Tag Team Championships. Daniel Bryan comes out and announces that there will be a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match to determine the #1 Contenders to The Usos, and that match is right now.

This is an awesome match between all four teams. A lot of near falls here and the ref loses control of the match. Shelton Benjamin and Gable get a great sequence in before hitting their tag team finisher for the pinfall victory. Benjamin and Gable are the new #1 Contender’s for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships.

The 9 o’clock spot was Sami Zayn’s explanation to world to why he saved Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Sami cut a great promo here as his delivery was strong and his reasons were legitimate. Zayn starts off by saying he got nowhere by being the good guy and lied to by the general managers on both shows who promised to utilize him better. Zayn continues by saying that the powerbomb on the apron by Owens last week opened his eyes. When Sami saw Zayn Shane McMahon try to kill Owens from the top of the cell, Zayn knew at that moment that Shane didn’t care about anyone. Sami says he is mad because Kevin Owens was right all these years about the authority figure.

After the 9 o’clock spot we get a pretty awkward segment between Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode. Essentially the segment was Ziggler saying Roode cheated to win at Hell in a Cell and Bobby Roode  saying he was better. However, somewhere along the lines, it looked like Roode forgot his lines and it became a repeated jumbled exchange between the two. Regardless, Roode accepted a rematch from Ziggler whenever Dolph wants.

The main event saw Baron Corbin put his United States Championship on the line against AJ Styles. This was good match between these two, but Corbin scored the pinfall victory after an End of Days to AJ Styles. The United States Championship reign of Crobin continues.