Crash Course Wrestling Column Week of 10/2/2017

Happy October everyone! As the cooler weather rolls in so do some key upcoming Pay-Per-Views in the world of wrestling. We are one week away from Smackdown Live’s exclusive Pay-Per-View Hell in a Cell, and two weeks away from the Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View TLC. All this funnels into the next “Big 4” Pay-Per-View, Survivor Series, happening November 14th. What do the red and blue brand have in store for us this month? Lets get to it.


Monday Night Raw = Skippable

We start Raw off this week with a match, no not a long-winded promo, an actual match. A pretty good one at that too. If you remember last week Seth Rollins wanted to show Dean Ambrose he had no fear facing Braun Strowman after the Lunatic went toe-to-toe with the Monster Among Men. Rollins’ turn had similar results to Ambrose as Seth mustered very little offense and fell victim to the Running Powerslam with Strowman picking up the pinfall victory. Braun does his “I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU” turn around on the ramp, but Dean Ambrose comes out for the save. Keep this in mind for later in the show.

The 9 o’clock spot sees Mickie James get a gift in her locker room. She has received a walker from a “secret admirer”and this sets Mickie off. She hunts down Alexa Bliss, who is hiding behind Nia Jax in her locker room. This leads to a match between Nia Jax and Mickie James. Match, match, match and Alexa Bliss causes a Disqualification. Kurt Angle later announces that Mickie James will take on Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship at the TLC Pay-Per-View.

Roman Reigns earned an opportunity last week to take on The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. This was a great match and the crowd was heavily behind Roman. This took many by surprise. The match ends in Disqualification after The Bar comes out and attacks Roman. Th Miz and The Bar beat down on Roman as the crowd anxiously awaits Dean and Seth. This never happens and instead, The Miz and The Bar hit the classic SHIELD Triple Powerbomb on Reigns. To add insult to injury, The Miz and The Bar do the SHIELD fist bump over Roman’s body. 

Are you sick and tired of the Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor feud? So is everyone else, but tonight there was a breathe of fresh air pumped into the rivalry. While Finn was in the ring, Bray came on the titantron and did his typical creepy monologue.  However, this time he teased a Sister Abigail interaction in the feud. His face then become dark and deformed and his evil laugh was mixed with that of a female. Bray has teased Sister Abigail making a debut many times, but will this finally be the time?

The main event segment, for the second week in a row, involved Enzo and the Crusierweight Division. Enzo called out the entire division and they surrounded the ring.  Remember when Fez from That 70’s Show had his own show on MTV called “Yo Mamma”? Enzo goes superstar to superstar roasting them with one liners. Not quite “Yo Mamma” jokes, but the reaction from the crowd reminded me of that horrid show. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that is for the better. Enzo reminds all the Cruiserweights that he has a no contact clause. Kurt Angle comes out to announce that although none of the Superstars around the ring can touch him the newest signee to 205 Live can. Kalisto’s music hits and the crowd goes mild.

You think that is it, but no. We cut to Roman Reigns looking defeated in the back. Slowly and dramatically Dean Ambrose walks into the frame, followed shortly by Seth Rollins. I thought they were going to pull out the fist bump, but Dean and Seth walk out of the frame as Raw goes off the air. Widely accepted prediction for next week: SIERRA, HOTEL, INDIA, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA____S.H.I.E.l.D.


Smackdown Live = Skippable

With Hell in a Cell this Sunday, Smackdown had it’s final shot at hyping their next brand-exclusive Pay-Per-View. Although they “hyped” all the matches on the card, some of it was, quite frankly, boring. However, I would argue that it didn’t fail to hype the big show this Sunday, but could have done a better job. That being said, they fired on all cylinders when it came to the final confrontation between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens so lets get to it.

 The show opens with a Shinsuke Nakamura interview with Renee Young. This interview is rudely interrupted by Jinder Mahal who had some choice words for Nakamura last week. It looks like Jinder is coming from the ramp, but instead Nakamura gets pearl harbored by Jinder Mahal who comes from the crowd. Everything breaks down and Singh Brothers get beat up. Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship this Sunday.

Bobby Roode took on the returning(?), if you want to call it that, Mike Kanellis. Roode beat Kanellis is seconds with the Glorious DDT. This prompted Dolph Ziggler to come out and show Roode that he had a cool entrance planned too. Dolph comes out with party poppers, air horns, and other shitty instruments you were forced to learn in grade school music class. Dolph goes on to say he has his own GLORIOUS entrance planned for Hell in a Cell when these two meet this Sunday.

Randy Orton and Rusev had a very similar stand off from last week. Randy Orton took on Aiden English, which seems to be Rusev’s new sidekick. Orton hits a picture perfect RKO on English for the pinfall victory. Rusev and Orton stare each other down as they will meet this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

The main event segment was billed as a “Face to Face” between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. These “Face to Face” segments can be a big hit or miss, but this one was a home run. Shane McMahon comes out and calls out Kevin Owens. Owens does not arrive and Shane says he is not surprised he no-showed. Shane goes on to say he wants their Hell in a Cell match to be a Falls Count Anywhere match as well. That kind of defeats the purpose of a Hell in a Cell, but I know that means they are going to brawl all over the arena so I welcome it with open arms.

Speaking of brawling all over the arena, Kevin Owens comes out from the crowd. Shane McMahon challenges Owens to face him in the ring, but Owens retreats and says it isn’t worth his time. Shane says he will bring the fight to him and follows him out into the crowd. They end up by concessions and brawl in the atrium of the arena. Kevin Powerbombs Shane through a gimmick table full of merchandise and makes his way back to the ring. Owens grabs a microphone and says he is the money in the match. Shane drags his body back into the crowd and past a twerking chick in the loge seats. All this and he gets his ass beat again by Owens, going as far as to hit him with a vicious headbutt, exactly like Owens did to Shane’s father. This rivalry has hit a peak and these two meet inside a Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell match this Sunday.