Clashing and Raging With Clash Royale: The Laziest Card in the Game

The Laziest Card in Clash Royale

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Welcome back! This week on BeerSpit’s Clashing and Raging With Clash Royale, I will be talking about everyone’s favorite card to hate, Sparky! I really need to think of a different, less shitty name for the weekly discussion…if you have any ideas throw them in the comments please.  Let’s begin.  The first thing I want to talk about is that Clash Royale claims Sparky is female?  How does a piece of wood with coils have a gender?  Just kidding it’s 2017 sorry if I offended you.  When Sparky first came out, everyone was saying how overpowered she is.  Today, over a year later, everyone is still saying the same thing. Yes, she can be countered but if she locks onto your tower you’re more than likely absolutely screwed for the rest of the game.1300 damage with a single shot don’t even TRY to tell me that’s a balanced card.  What in the world was SuperCell thinking when they came up with the concept of Sparky?  She has to be one of the worst and laziest ideas for a card ever. I can just imagine the developers conversing with each other. “Hey, let’s make a card this early into the game that will absolutely obliterate any card with one shot, and also two shot the tower! Genius!”  You’d think they would come up with a better design than as Chief Pat calls her, “a trash can on wheels,” which is a perfect description of this disgrace for a card.  This card is such a boring concept that the two pictures I posted along with this article are the two most exciting pictures I could find of her and the one you’ll see when you continue to read is literally just a stock picture of her thumbnail.   

The thing that bothers me most is the repetition of Sparky decks.  I know I mentioned this in my Elite Barbs and Hog post, but once I play a Sparky deck it seems like I play five more Sparky decks.  The thing with Sparky is that this is the original card that I noticed this with.  It is starting to happen with the Inferno Tower now so expect this complaint in the near future.  Not to mention, the deck I use does not have good counters to Sparky, so playing Sparky decks over and over again is just a 200+ trophy loss for me, and I am sure there are others who experience the same heart wrenching anger inducing pain that I do.

I have heard a few people claim that Sparky is their favorite card.  Those people are those kids in school that remind the teacher that the class had homework.  Everyone just looks at them differently with a “what the hell” kind of attitude on their face.  I don’t get how someone could say their favorite card out of 72 choices is Sparky.  I like the Elite Barbarians better than I like Sparky and I wrote an article about how much I hate the Elite Barbs.  Let’s get back to Sparky’s stats for a quick second.  Sparky does 1300 damage at tournament standard, in this case level 1 since she is a legendary card.  At tournament standard, your towers have 2534 health.  The most common Sparky combo I see is Giant-Wizard-Sparky.  If all three are locked onto the tower, it will take less than five seconds for that tower to be destroyed.  The worst part is that if they are played right, you can NOT defend against that trio.  The Giant tanks, the Wizard can eliminate a Minion Horde (which would be the best defense to the Giant and Sparky) in two shots, and Sparky can one shot about any other ground card.  The trio is just a steamroll of a push that makes me question why I play this game in the first place.

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Although Sparky’s damage is insanely overpowered, she herself as a whole is pretty simple to counter if you have the right cards.  The Tombstone is a fantastic counter to her since it spawns four skellys that can eliminate her with the help of the arena tower.  The Skarmy IF played on top and not in front of her, can be a great counter to her, along with any air card.  The most common counter to her is probably the zap since every deck I play against has the friggin zap.  It may not do a lot of damage but resetting Sparky’s charge right before she gets a hit off is huge she can be taken out with ease since she needs another five seconds to charge up.  A tank such as the Giant can be a counter to her too if played defensively, she will have to two shot him which is enough time for the arena tower to take her out by itself.  

Overall,  I usually say Sparky is the most overpowered card in the game, but now after discussing her like this, I realize I am talking about her damage rather than her as a card all in all.  She kind of sucks if you think about all of the counters there are to her, her hitspeed, and her speed in general.  Don’t get me wrong, she can absolutely destroy if she is played right, but the fact that she does 1300 damage at her lowest level is far too much.  I would say six elixir is a good amount for her, but for that much damage, maybe she should be worth seven or eight.  Thanks for reading, and let me know in the comments if you eat paste or if you’re a normal human being like all of us Sparky haters!

Heads up! I just realized I have seen Sparky before, and it confirms that she is the laziest card concept in Clash Royale.  Sparky is designed from the level 7 Laboratory in Clash of Clans. Real creative SuperCell.  If you knew that already and think I’m an idiot for just realizing this, I feel like an idiot so don’t worry.  Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Clashing and Raging With Clash Royale: The Laziest Card in the Game

  1. Sparky has the reputation of being the worst card in the game because it is so easy to beat, not because its over powered. You said chief pat called it a “Trashcan on wheels” he wasn’t talking about the appearance he was talking about how “good” the card is, its trash. Im not sure if you’re serious or this is satirical but just to put it in perspective ill make a list of all the cards that can counter sparky.

    -skeleton army
    -ice spirit
    -goblin gang
    -battle ram
    -dark prince
    -inferno dragon
    -electro wizard
    -hinion horde
    -giant skeleton

    and thats not even all of them

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