Clashing and Raging With Clash Royale: Inferno Tower

Melting the Competition

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This week on the Clashing and Raging with Clash Royale I am going to be talking about what I personally think is the best defensive building, the Inferno Tower.  I’m in Hog Mountain, and I can’t tell you how many hog cycle decks I have seen that include the Infuriating Tower.  I play knight-loon, and pushed up to 3585.  I then faced SEVEN, I repeat SEVEN hog cycle – inferno tower decks.  I’m telling you all, this game is rigged and when you get a huge win streak, it is just absolutely pointless because you will lose over and over again until you’re back to your starting point.  If I had to give a rough estimate of how many decks I match up against that include the Inferno Tower, I would say 8 out of every 10. No joke.  Since the Inferno Tower works for everyone, why not try it out myself??  Scrolling through my match history, 15/25 matches include the Hog or the Giant, so it would make sense to throw the Inferno in right?  Did it matter that I threw it in? No.  Does that mean I’m probably just not good at the game? Probably.  Does that mean Clash Royale pisses me off? You know it.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the game, because no matter what I will continue to play.  

Let me explain why I, and hopefully some of you think the Inferno Tower is the best defensive building in the game.  First of all, it can absolutely melt any tanky troops in an instant if unzapped.  Second, it’s kind of tanky itself with enough HP to survive one Balloon bomb, and a lightning strike if high enough level.  Third, it doesn’t have many counters.  It’s counters are the zap, E Wiz, lightning, and other swarm troop cards if played correctly.  Honestly, the zap is sometimes not a counter to it if played too early or too late.  My Inferno Tower has been zapped while targeting a hog, giant, golem, etc., and it still manages to kill them in time.  The zap has to be played at the PERFECT time for it to be a counter.  

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Since I play knight-loon, the Inferno Tower is the death of me.  If you want to beat me, just throw in an Inferno Tower.  I mean even without it you could probably still beat me but whatever.  I am loyal to my beloved Balloon and I will not stop using it, and the Inferno Tower will destroy my push.  I have a level 5 (two away from a level 6 so come this Sunday, I will have a level 6), Balloon, and it takes two hits from it to kill a level 5/maybe a level 4 too(?) Inferno Tower, even with support from the knight.  If I throw in my Dart Goblin, it only takes one hit plus the support from the troops, but usually my push gets shut down and I have to try and catch the opponent off guard in order to have a chance at winning.  The Inferno Tower’s damage just melts every card I use.  I used to have the Minion Horde which shut it down, but apparently the new meta is the Giant? Recently I have faced a LOT of Giant decks on top of the Hog decks, sometimes a combo of the two.  The Minion Horde is a great counter to the Giant, but usually a direct damage spell is thrown onto the Horde and that allows the Giant to kill my tower, so I threw in the Inferno.  

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One of the most satisfying things to watch in this game is an Inferno Tower melting a Golem.  To see all of that HP get melted in a few seconds like no other card can do (I know the Inferno Dragon can too so don’t say I forgot it), is just a beautiful sight.  Same with the Giant.  It’s basically just a big middle finger to that opponent’s deck because when facing an Inferno Tower with a Golem deck, the Golem is basically useless unless they play around the Inferno.

Overall, I absolutely hate the Inferno Tower because of how well it counters my deck, and just because of how good of a defense card it is.  For those who have decks that work against the Inferno Tower, let me know in the comments.  I will always take any suggestion to improve my game because I want to hit Legendary Arena sometime soon.  That is, if I can actually win more than 3 games without losing 5 straight.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s post!  Clash on.