Clashing and Raging with Clash Royale (Elite Barbs)

Elite Barbs: They’re Fast and Make Us Furious

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Welcome one and all Clash Royale gamers, and welcome even those who don’t play and are just reading for fun.  I’m debuting the weekly BeerSpit Clash Royale card discussion on an overpowered start, one could say. This week’s card that I am going to talk about is the goddamn Elite Barbs.  My first question right off the start is: does Clash Royale actually think the Elite Barbs are a fair and balanced card? I feel they need an adjustment because I literally just played against level 12 Elite Barbs and the fact that they do 337 damage EACH for a combined 674 damage for two hits together is insane. With 2572 hitpoints total and “very fast” speed, everything about those stats screams OP which is probably why everyone uses them.

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Does anyone think Clash Royale put a lot of thought into the Elite Barbs or do you just think they said “let’s make a card that’s BROKEN. Let’s just add the Dovakhiin’s helmet onto two Barbarians and make them do a ton of damage, players will absolutely love that.” I’m going to abbreviate Elite Barbs to EB because I can already tell I’m going to mention them several more times.  I’m in Hog Mountain sitting at 3200-3300 trophies as a new level 10, so I clearly am not the best at the game. I personally am not an EB player, so I absolutely hate when I hear that little jingle when the opponent drops them…is it just me or can you just FEEL when your opponent has them before he/she even puts them down?  Like when you’re sitting on 10 elixir waiting for your opponent to play something and you just say to yourself “this motherfucker has the EB’s?”  I would say at least half of the time I’m right on that and I’m sure there are several others out there that agree with me.  That’s not even the best part though! You think to yourself “oh easy counter” and you drop the Skarmy or the Goblin Gang but as Billy Mays (R.I.P.) once said “ but wait! There’s more!” and BAM they drop a zap (sometimes even combined with a Rage and don’t even get me started on that trifecta) on your counter and your tower is eliminated faster than Santino Marella at the 2009 Royal Rumble.  For those who use the EB, I have nothing against you. Keep doing you and make people RQ within the first thirty seconds and get that 3 crown because nothing is sweeter than making your opponent give up right in the beginning.  Maybe one day you’ll battle me if you’re in my trophy range and maybe (definitely) you’ll 3 crown me in five seconds.  Another thing that bothers me about the EB is that when you play against someone who uses them, the next ten opponents you face will have them too.  I noticed this kind of phase when Sparky first came out and once I played a Sparky player I faced more Sparky’s over and over again.  The same thing is happening with the EB to me.  


You can’t tell me that it isn’t even the slightest bit intentional that after going numerous rounds without seeing the EB and then I see them once and then another five or six times after that.  The card costs a slightly heavy six elixir for a big push no matter what, but sure does pack a punch that you’d see a 15 elixir push do.  Opponents most of the time spend more elixir on countering the EB than the EBer uses to push with them.  When someone drops the EB with the fire spirits I just take it all in and accept defeat because my counters to the EB are the Goblin Gang which is obliterated by the fire spirits and zap which makes that counter absolutely worthless (or the minion horde, again same result as the Goblin Gang).  It used to be the Skarmy but I gave up on that long ago.  I will admit, I have attempted to use them in a fit of rage after losing about 100-200 trophies in one sitting.  I said to myself “hey if all of these people can win with them why can’t I?  Well, I was dead wrong. Of course they get countered perfectly when I use them because that’s just my luck and I guess I just suck at the game, and I haven’t looked back since. All in all, whether you use the EB or not, they need a fix.  They do too much damage too fast.  Decreasing their speed to either “fast” or “medium” could be one way.  Fixing their HP or damage would be the best solution in my opinion, but who knows what they’ll do – if they even do anything.  My overall thoughts on the Elite Barbs are that if the Hardy Boyz were to play Clash Royale, they would want to DELETE them for good because I sure do.  Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts whether you agree that the Elite Barbarians are OP or if you don’t and just think I’m a shitty Clasher or whatever works for you.

3 thoughts on “Clashing and Raging with Clash Royale (Elite Barbs)

  1. Nice article. I completely agree that EB’s are very overpowered. They are not too hard to counter, but if you dare make the slightes mistake, then say goodbye to half of your tower’s hp, at least. No other card in the game is remotely close to being this punishing.

  2. Yes the most horrible point is the repeating Matchmaking…. you loose one to the EB Barbs you will get 20 more the next day(s)… exaclty like sparky 6 Month ago, same with Barrel decks and RG….

  3. Great article, absolutely hilarious and informative. I can really tell that you know what you are talking about and I completely agree with everything you say. EB’s have even made me wanna quit the game before so I know the struggle lol. Anyway, keep up the good work, my man

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