Clancy’s Rant of the Week: Have a good one…

Well it’s Friday, and that means it’s that time to get the weekend conversation/debate started. This week I’m going to bring up something that was an inherited thorn in my ass from my grandfather. Salutations, they’re not too hard to understand. Hello. Goodbye! Easy. It’s when someone tries and seem a little more sincere when they depart or end an exchange of goods that they make a mistake.

What am I talking about? One phrase people, “have a good one.”  

Have a good one? Have a good one what? I don’t know what that means. First off what’s one? Is it a good morning, good afternoon, good night, good life, good shit? People, we need to be specific here. I find it offensive. Just say byebye if you can’t gage the time of day or come up with something more personal because everytime I hear have a good one I feel my grandfather turning in his grave. Actually, it’s more like when someone utters those words around me my grandfather’s spirit enters my body and tries to lunge towards the person speaking and choke them out.

It all started when I was out with my grandmother and someone at a bakery counter told us to have a good one as we paid. We were already talking about my grandfather, and as we sat outside eating our pastries she was telling me about how his blood boiled when someone told him to have a good one. This man became a real pedant for this phrase.  He was infamous for ranting at the tollbooth attendant who spoke the words. Cars honking behind him and he would take the time and educate the sucker in the booth who was just mindlessly doing their job.

I was at a point where I wanted to emulate some of my forefathers behaviors and doctrines, so I chose the hatred for this phrase and it really sunk into my soul. Though I haven’t started calling everyone out that says the farewell to me, I do sometimes try and stop people from saying it, and I think of my grandfather everytime I hear it.

It’s rude and needs to stop. If you want to be nice be more personal and sincere stop saying it. If you are trying to use it as an insult be more personal with your insulting. Stand up tall, open your ears and use your brain when talking to someone. Life is already going fast enough, we don’t need to speed up our interactions with one another.

Have a good night and life.

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