Clancy’s Rant of the Week: Ashley Wagner

Oh boy! We have a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I am crying out loud and calling out this beast that if given the chance will blow all three piggy’s houses down. Who do I speak of? Well if you didn’t figure it out from the title I am talking about US figure skater Ashley Wagner. Yes, cry baby Ashley Wagner. Don’t try and defend her while I call her out until you hear what I have to say because within her devilish smile and kind words for the three women that made the team lies the next Nancy Kerrigan.

Now, there are just some “sports” that just attract crazy. Equestrians, dancers, and certainly ice skaters to name a few sports that do. Most of these sports have something in common as well, success is based on judges scores. It isn’t about time, points, or goals; it’s all about a persons opinion. Because of this need to win people over are these sports harboring narcissism? You betchya.

This past weekend was the US National Figure Skating Championship where Wagner came in fourth and didn’t qualify for Team USA in this years Winter Games. When her score was revealed she clearly didn’t agree with the judges results. I was watching this live and was surprised by her emotional response and disagreement. On Wednesday Wagner went on NBC’s Today Show and defended how she reacted and her thoughts.

She says it so eloquently that it comes off as professional and modest but in reality it is being all said with a fork tongue. If Ashley could have her way she would kick one of the other three female skaters off the team in a heartbeat. The judges see what I see, an entitled woman who is a brat with a major temper that would not represent this country well. Her reaction is probably what kept her off the team, because her scores in other events this past season were consistent and we saw the fourth place finisher on the mens side make the cut.

Wagner was at Sochi in 2014 and received a bronze medal, so she didn’t work 22 years for that moment. Also, when she was chosen for Sochi she had also come in fourth, taking a spot from a top three finisher. She had her chance and she could’ve kept the momentum but she blew it with a bad attitude. It’s ok to be a competitive athlete, but be humble and take a loss as a learning opportunity. She also is a hypocrite when she says she doesn’t want to take one of the three ladies going to South Korea’s spot, she did it in the last Olympics.

You might not think what she has done is that bad but she just rubs me the wrong way so I am starting the movement for the Ashley Wagner Haters. I know they’re out there we just need to unite. Our mission is to criticize figure skating in general with a concentration in Wagner. She’s evil and her true colors will show.

She’s also a fake blonde…. and no one ever remembers third place a the Olympics. Go for gold or don’t go at all.