Chance The Teaser

If you’re a Chance fan you already have seen his teaser video for his next big single. This song is getting hyped and it should.

Mr. #1dubplate

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Chance the Rapper is one standup guy. He has been raining money on Chicago public schools, this year alone providing over one million dollars. That looks like this: $1,000,000+. I’ve liked Chance a lot since he has hit the mainstream. He has been in our faces this past year with a summer tour, his charitable works, along with concert guest appearances. But he hasn’t delivered us anything substantially new for almost a year now.

Well this untitled track using a sample from Soul For Real’s song Every Little Thing I Do should end this dry spell and probably carry Chance for another year without releasing anything big, but I don’t think that will be the case. Chance is big, but he has the opportunity here to become legendary. I hope this teaser is just the next level of what looks to be a promising future for this young man. Regardless I know this track is going to be fuego.

Either way this will be the song that will solidify rollerskating’s comeback.