Celtics Speculation in Review

Hold on, hold on, fuck that. Fuck that shit. Celtics are looking to Blake Griffin? Doc’s boy? I’m all about it! Actually, I am thrilled and willing to go twelve rounds with Floyd Mayweather if this were to happen. We’ve been reading it all this week but here is a brief wrap up of the speculations.

Wait a minute… this sounds familiar.

Over the years I’ve been teased with names like Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, even King James’s name was dropped at one point.

All those ending with no contract. It’s hard these days for Celtics fans and those who are interested. We have so much stock thanks to the Nets and a high percentage of getting that first pick that we just expect that a big name is coming at every trade deadline. Danny Ainge has been opting out of each trade opportunity this past season and I think it’s the right move. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. You ever see Jurassic Park?

But back to one of my favorite actors, Blake Griffin. Sources are saying that Griffin wants out of L.A. and is in talks with the 76ers and the Celtics. Why would such a celebrity want out of Hollywood? Doc is one of the best coaches and the Clippers have taken the Lakers place in L.A. Just things we should consider before getting our hopes up again. Even before this past season the a Celtics-Griffin rumor was floating, but he wanted to stay with L.A.

Before I go more into theorizing this situation let’s talk facts. Griffin left college after his sophomore year to go into the draft where he was a first round pick for the Clippers. He got injured right before his rookie season where he had surgery and debuted the following season as a rookie. During the 2010-11 rookie season Griffin  showed why he was worth it winning the dunk contest at the NBA All-Star Game then receiving Rookie of the Year. Check his Wikipedia for a more detailed list of his achievements if that stuff matters to you.

He continued his success until 2015 where he has started an injury streak. 2015-2016 regular season he started 35 games, and this past regular season he only started 61 games. Now Danny and Brad are smart guys. They don’t need a player who is already molded and prone to injury. Unless it has always been Docs plan to feed Griffin to the Celtics… now that would just be crazy. But even though the last few years have been shaky for Blake I do see him having value to the Celtics. Brad is an amazing coach and will go down as one of the greats if not the greatest of our time, he will be able to find Griffin his stride again and light it up in Boston.

But we need to keep our eyes on the Clippers still. Jerry West just announced he will be leaving Golden State, who just won the Championship mind you, to go to the Clippers. West defended the move by say he wanted to work with Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, who West thinks will be one of the best owners in the league. There’s also plans to build a new temple for the team. Some reasons for Griffin to stay, but we are here to talk Celtics so let’s get on with it.

The Celtics are on the cusp of becoming a dynasty for the next decade. Some of the people I talk with say it’s going to take a couple more years. I say nay to that, this is the year the Celtics are going to equip their already solid team with some studs. The Big Three will be back in Boston with a deep bench and no team will come close to us.

Isaiah Thomas got our team to the playoffs but when it came to the Conference Finals he wasn’t the player we needed to take on Cleveland. So we can’t be upset that they are bringing other studs on the team. Crowder needs to go back to the bench, or be used in a trade which brings me to the next speculation of the week, Gordon Hayward.

Gordon is coming to the Celtics, there is no way he doesn’t. Him in Brad go back to Butler, and Gordon’s wife posted what could be a revealing photo on instagram. Al Horford and Isaiah also started following Gordon on the social media platform earlier this week. The signs are all on the gram.


I think the way the Celtics are set up at the moment Hayward would be the better of the two choices. I teased the idea of both Griffin and Hayward joining the team which would be a functional working combo but you’d be losing a deep bench and the players who have made the Celtics the Celtics the last couple seasons. Before you say bullshit on that here are some numbers:

2017-18 Celtics Salaries

Al Horford: $27,734,405

Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,394

Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480

Markelle Fultz: $7,026,240

Ante Zizic: $1,645,200

Marcus Smart: $4,538,020

TOTAL: $52,161,739

The salary budget cap is $101 million leaving just over $24 million for the two players which is over $6 million less then they both could make. Maybe the two would take the cut if they were in the game for the game and history, but that’s unlikely. I hope they prove me wrong. I have no beef with either player and I think their personalities would mesh in Boston very well. A boy can just dream though.

Again, as Celtics fans we get our hopes up for a big name and are let down most of the time. Dammit Danny! Please at least get us Hayward this time. This Thursday will give us a better idea of what the Celtics are trying to do. Then we will be able confirm or toss out these fun speculations. We will keep our eyes on this and be back with more thoughts this coming week.

To wrap things up, we have a nice team and I love each player we currently have but I could see some like Crowder and sadly Kelly being used as trade teases. Hayward is the better option between the two. Celtics are about to have a dynasty so hop on board or get the fuck out of the way.

One last thing. Danny if you’re reading this please don’t go for Jimmy Butler.

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