Beer Review: Night Shift’s Harborside

Welcome to the first of many beer reviews, because how can we have a blog called BeerSpit and not talk about beer. Now we ain’t no Cicerones over here, but we do like beer and we can tell you what we think of it. Through our reviews we will help you get an idea before you buy and try. Happy drinking!

Now our first beer is Harborside is a gose-style sour ale brewed with Island Creek oysters and coriander from Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA. My girlfriend has been into sours and gose this summer so we’ve been trying out whatever ones we come across. The oysters made us hesitant at first but we have been loving Night Shift for the past year so we wanted to keep supporting them by taking a shot and diving into the ocean.

Here’s a picture of the beer and the glass I poured it into along with the bottle it came in because that’s what you do for a review.

As you can see in the picture the beer is a nice light, clear, golden color. Ideal for a sunny summer day by the seashore, and with a salty sour taste to match it doesn’t stray from the image. It’s crisp and light and not so oyster tasting. You get more of the salty taste found in gose along with a nice sour to match. I don’t like some gose because they go heavy on the coriander but it’s very light and on the sweeter side of coriander.

With each review at the end we are going to give you a quick and easy breakdown so you can get the info fast.

Easy Comparison Beer: A sour Heineken

Burp Taste: Ocean & ale

Aftertaste: Takes a little to set in but a hint of oysters in a good way

BeerSpit Overall Rating: We don’t put a number on it, we just tell you if we like it or not and we like this one folks.

If you want a different, what some may call a more professional review check out Beer Advocate’s review on Harborside. Down the hatch cowboy.