A Lefty View of Lefty’s Beer Fest

A Lefty View of Lefty’s Beer Fest

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Here at BeerSpit we take pride in our wide selection of spit posted daily. You can find anything from a weekly wrestling crash courses to the meaning behind the 50 state slogans. However, we also take pride in our beer and anytime we can stumble upon a beer fest, big or small, we capitalize. That is exactly what happened with Lefty Fest this weekend. This beer fest takes place in Greenfield Massachusetts at the Franklin County Fair Grounds. I found out about this beer fest the day of it happening. I went in with no expectations what so ever and had no idea what it had to offer. Hell I had never even heard of Lefty’s Brewing Company before.

It ran like a normal beer fest with an admission fee plus the expense of beer tickets. Half pours were 1 ticket, full pours were 2 tickets, and high test full pour beers such as, IPAs and Double IPAs were 3 tickets. I went with the 10 tickets for $20 deal and I can not complain in the price department. This allowed me to try around 5 different beers as I went greedy and got the full pours. One of my favorite beer of the day was the Headpin IPA. It wasn’t too bitter, but had a great taste along with a high alcohol content. Another favorite¬†IPA was called the Mystery Box IPA. This was a little more bitter and had a little more flavor to it. It was also much darker than the Headpin IPA. If you see the Mystery Box IPA in a package store near you, I suggest giving it a try.

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Like may other beer fests, there was a live band, food trucks, local vendors, and yard games. However, the way in which Lefty’s beer fest had the games set up was perfect. The games were the centerpiece of the festival with the bands, vendors, and beer surrounding the perimeter. The yard games included, beer pong, washers, corn hole, stein holding, and best of all bear pong. If you have never played bear pong you need to do so as soon as possible. Bear pong is essentially beer pong, but with a volleyball and 10 trashcans filled a fourth with water on each side of the yard. Now take that awesome concept, add craft beers, and perfect 70 degree weather and you have the perfection that was Leftys Fest.

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Unfortunately, not everything has a happy ending. As the fest was wrapping up the promoter took to the loud speaker to announce this was the final Lefty Fest as Leftys plans to build a new brewery from the ground up. From a financial stand point I get where their priorities are, but one can only hope that it makes a triumphant return one day for everyone to enjoy once again.